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Juggling resources

December Vol 42 (12) 833–912



Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt, Graeme C Miller, Joan Henderson

‘If this…, then…’

Patrick D Byrnes, Margaret Crawford, Eleasa Sieh


Sarah Dennis, Mark F Harris, Megan Pillay

Is the problem that everything is a diagnosis?

Paul Glasziou, Jenny Doust

Up front

Improving value in health care through practical steps

Andrew Wilson, Adam G Elshaug

Letters to the editor


ACE inhibitor angioedema

Donald A Howarth

Lump in the throat

Genevieve Gabb, Nick Andrew

Post-operative wound management

Kaihan Yao, Lily Bae, Wei Ping Yew

Evaluating squints in children

Corina O’Dowd

Cutaneous indurated plaque on the abdomen associated with diabetes mellitus

Vicente Crespo-Lora, Maria Salazar-Nievas, Juan Rubio-López, Salvador Arias-Santiago

Exercise for intermittent claudication and peripheral arterial disease

Handbook of Non Drug Intervention (HANDI) Project Team


Human papillomavirus vaccine national catch-up program

Ingrid Laemmle-Ruff, Bianca Barbaro, Julia Brotherton

Communication at the interface between hospitals and primary care

Marie Pirotta, Lucio Naccarella, Esther Belleli

Access to treatment for breast cancer-related lymphoedema in Australia

Sharon Kilbreath, Robyn Sierla, Deborah Black, Teresa Sze Mun Lee

English literacy as a barrier to health care information for deaf people who use Auslan

Michael R Kidd, Jemina Napier

Under the watchful eye of ‘a benevolent dictator’

Max Hopwood, Carla Treloar

What do general practitioners think and do about prostate cancer screening in Australia?

Dragan Ilic, Kerry Murphy, Sally Green

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Clinical challenge

Book reviews



Professor Mark Harris discusses the increasing problem of multimorbidity and possible approaches to better managing these patients in general practice


Professor Jenny Doust introduces the concept of overdiagnosis and describes the various ways this is occurring in general practice and the potential harms associated

Resource allocation

Dr Patrick Byrnes talks about resource allocation in general practice outlining potential sources of time waste and some practical suggestions for achieving optimal outcomes for our effort


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