Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2013 December

Juggling resources

December 2013 Vol 42 (12) 833–912

This month's articles include resource allocation, multimorbidity, overdiagnosis, HCV treatment initiation, lymphoedema and wound management.

AFP Cover 2013 November


November 2013 Vol 42 (11) 753–832

This month's articles include osteoarthritis, viral arthritis, neck pain, ankylosing spondylitis, REM sleep behaviour disorder, irritable bowel syndrome and acute scrotal pain.

AFP Cover 2013 October

Diagnostic challenges

October 2013 Vol 42 (10) 673–752

This month's articles include multiple myeloma, fibromyalgia, systematic lupus erythematosus, dual antiplatelet therapy, surviving an epidemic and asthma control.

AFP Cover 2013 September

General practice psychiatry

September 2013 Vol 42 (9) 593–672

This month's articles include obsessive compulsive disorder, early response to psychological trauma, bipolar disorder, SSRIs and adolescents, emerging psychosis in adolescents, sudden onset hearing loss, pulmonary embolisms, and Warfarin persistence.

AFP Cover 2013 August

Growing epidemics

August 2013 Vol 42 (8) 513–592

This month's articles include obesity, the metabolic syndrome, gestational diabetes mellitus, chronic stress, elevated troponin, acute breathlessness, and myocardial perfusion scans.

AFP Cover 2013 July

The right upper quadrant

July 2013 Vol 42 (7) 433–512

This month's articles include chronic hepatitis B, biliary pain, fatty liver disease, hepatitis C, Kawasaki disease, illicit drug overdose and HPV testing recommendations

AFP Cover 2013 June

Arteries and veins

June 2013 Vol 42 (6) 353–432

This month's articles include varicose veins, non-aortic aneurysms, hypertension, aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease, radiation safety, and patient knowledge of chronic disease.

AFP Cover 2013 May

Embarrassing problems

May 2013 Vol 42 (5) 257–352

This month's articles include hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis, male reproductive system, penile lumps and bumps, intestinal gas, patient blood management, bone turnover markers, and diabetes and heart disease.

AFP Cover 2013 April


April 2013 Vol 42 (4) 161-256

This month's articles include tendon injuries, presenteeism, workplace bullying, returning to work after injury, chronic hepatitis B, duty of GPs to follow up, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

AFP Cover 2013 March


March 2013 Vol 42 (3) 81-160

This month's articles include mind-body therapies, opioid use in chronic non-cancer pain, neuropathic pain, macroscopic haematuria, childhood headache and bowel cancer screening.

AFP Cover 2013 January/February


January/February 2013 Vol 42 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include chronic renal impairment, ‘Just a repeat’, liver impairment, adverse drug reactions, non-drug treatments, anaphylaxis update, and sudden loss of vision.