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October Vol 40 (10) 745-840



Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Lower urinary tract symptoms

Prem Rashid, Ranjan Arianayagam, Mohan Arianayagam

Localised prostate cancer

Gillian Duchesne

Urinary stone disease

Finlay Macneil, Simon Bariol

Incidentally detected small renal masses

Kantha Rao, Peter L Royce

Up front


Kath O’Connor

Letters to the editor


Antenatal screening

Leonard Bonacquisto

Dilated pupils, dry mouth and dizziness

Sadiq Jamali


Atifur Rahman, David Liu

Etonogestrel implants

Rowan Gillies, Peter Scougall, Sean Nicklin

Skin nodules with a linear distribution

Manuel Galán-Gutierrez, Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde

Asymptomatic bacteriuria

Yohanes Ariathianto


Growing research

Mieke van Driel

Fixed dose combination diabetes medicines

Malcolm Gillies, Svetla Gadzhanova, Elizabeth Roughead, Yeqin Zuo

Female international students and sexual health

Caroline Laurence, Adrienne Burchard, Nigel Stocks


Motor accident insurance authority forms

David Bolzonello, Carolyn O’Shea

Preventing vascular disease

Bettina Christl, Jane Lloyd, Yordanka Krastev, John Litt, Mark F Harris

Small group learning

Klaus Stelter, Silvana Marangoni


Capacity census

Tom Brett, Diane Arnold-Reed, Cam Phan, Frank Jones

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Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine, Carolyn O’Shea


Diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation

Dr Louise Stone discusses diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation including understanding the patient’s unique experience of illness and their psychosocial context.

Assisted reproductive technology

Dr Kate Stern discusses assisted reproductive technology focussing on important points for general practitioners as well as bringing us up to date with recent developments, particularly in the area of fertility preservation.

Management of cardiovascular risk

Professor Jenny Doust guides us through her recent research study comparing management of cardiovascular risk using individual risk factors compared to the absolute cardiovascular risk approach.

Contraceptive management

Dr Katrina Allen shares her experiences with contraceptive management particularly in young women, with a focus on long-acting reversible contraceptive methods and some practical suggestions for managing commonly encountered issues.


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