Australian Family Physician
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Volume 40, Issue 8, August 2011

Risky drinking among young Australians Causes, effects and implications for GPs

Sarah MacLean Amy Pennay Dan I Lubman
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Rates of risky drinking among young Australians have increased substantially over the past 2 decades, resulting in significant community concern.
To explore the social, cultural and economic contexts that underlie risky drinking among young people and the implications of these for general practitioners.
Effective strategies for reducing alcohol related harm among young people must be developed in the context of the social and cultural forces to which risky drinking is inextricably linked. It is important that GPs not only play the role of health provider (by identifying risky drinking where possible and providing harm reduction advice), but also act as public health advocates, using their position as respected health experts to encourage a shift in alcohol policy, legislation, marketing and promotion.

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