Current issues in alcohol

August 2011

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Current issues in alcohol

August 2011 Vol 40 (8) 553-648

The theme for the August issue of AFP is Current issues in alcohol. This month's articles include Binge drinking, Problem drinking – detection and assessment in general practice, Problem drinking – management in general practice, Risky drinking among young Australians – causes, effects and implications for GPs & Alcoholic liver disease – assessment and management.


Binge drinking

Janice Charles, Lisa Valenti, Graeme C Miller

Problem drinking

Detection and assessment in general practice

Apo Demirkol, Paul Haber, Katherine Conigrave

Problem drinking

Management in general practice

Apo Demirkol, Katherine Conigrave, Paul Haber

Risky drinking among young Australians

Causes, effects and implications for GPs

Amy Pennay, Dan I Lubman, Sarah MacLean

Alcoholic liver disease

Assessment and management

Anne E Duggan, John M Duggan

Up front

Risks and comedy

Kath O’Connor

Letters to the editor


Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring

Alex McLellan, Uwais Mohamed

Asymptomatic hilar nodules

A case study

Chih-Chung Shiao, Jsun-Liang Kao, Fong-Fong Tsai, Hwei-Mei Tai, Kuo-Chin Chiu

Not just another sore throat

Karen Broadbent, Michael Lovegrove

Green concretions on the left axillae

Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde, Daniel Sánchez-Cano, Manuel Galán-Gutierrez

Odorous vaginal discharge

A case study for thorough investigation

Geta Cernat, Lawrence Leung


Insulin in general practice

Barriers and enablers for timely initiation

John Furler, Ondine Spitzer, Doris Young, James Best D Best

Data extraction and feedback

Does this lead to change in patient care?

Peter Schattner, Mary Saunders, Leslie Stanger, Michele Speak, Kate Russo


Understanding insurance

The GP’s professional and ethical responsibilities

Isaac Seidl

Designing practices

Using evidence to do better

Ian Watts, Brendan Jones

Heatwaves and the elderly

Leigh Wilson, Deborah Black, Craig Veitch


Improving clinical decision support tools

Challenges and a way forward

Michelle Sweidan, James Reeve, Jonathan Dartnell, Stephen Phillips

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine


AFP Podcasts

Interviews August 2011

Problem drinking - detection, assessment and management in general practice

Dr Apo Demirkol talks about the role of the GP in detecting, assessing and managing problem drinking

Duration: 27 minutes 23 seconds
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Risky drinking among young Australians - causes, effects and implications for GPs

Amy Pennay talks about the importance of acknowledging the social, cultural and economic drivers of risky drinking in young people and outlines a comprehensive strategy for addressing risky drinking in youg people by general practitioners

Duration: 12 minutes 12 seconds
File size: 3MB

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