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Intellectual disability

Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Sex and intellectual disability

Gillian Eastgate

Cerebral palsy in childhood

Dinah Reddihough

Behavioural concerns

Robyn Woods

Australians with Down syndrome

Jane Tracy

Up front

People with disabilities

Jane Tracy

Letters to the editor


Bladder cancer

Prem Rashid, Ranjan Arianayagam, Mohan Arianayagam


Miranda A Paraskeva, Brigitte M Borg, Matthew T Naughton


Peter Kim, Hyung-Joo Kim


Women with intellectual disabilities

Mieke van Driel, Elly Scheermeyer, Nicholas G Lennox, Gillian Eastgate

Diabetic retinopathy

Daniel Ting, Jonathon Ng, Nigel Morlet, Joshua Yuen, Antony Clark, Hugh Taylor, Jill Keefe, David Preen

Opioid substitution therapy

Jane Scarborough, Jaklin Eliott, Annette Braunack-Mayer


Legal medicine

Roy G Beran

Capacity to consent to treatment

Sara Bird

Patient information


Rachel Lee

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine


Cervical spine injury in primary care

Helen Ackland, Trauma Research Fellow at the National Trauma Research Institute and the Alfed and Doctoral Candidate at the Critical Care Research Division of Monash University's School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine talks about Cervical Spine Injury in primary care

Management of acute shoulder injuries in general practice

Shane Brun, Associate professor of Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine at the clinical skills unit of the School of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University talks about the management of acute shoulder injuries in general practice.

Maxillofacial trauma

Mr Anthony Lynham, a consultant and maxillofacial surgeon at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital talks about Maxillofacial trauma.


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