Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

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Simon Morgan

Simon Morgan MBBS, MPH, FRACGP, General Practitioner and Medical Educator, General Practice Training – Valley to Coast, Newcastle, NSW

Author's AFP Articles

Teaching rational prescribing to general practice registrars: A guide for supervisors

Simon Morgan

Procedural skills of Australian general practice registrars: A cross-sectional analysis

Fariba Aghajafari, Amanda Tapley, Steve Sylvester, Andrew R Davey, Simon Morgan, Kim M Henderson, Mieke van Driel, Neil A Spike, Rohan H Kerr, Nigel F Catzikiris, Katie J Mulquiney, Parker J Magin

Referral rates of general practice registrars for behavioural or mental health conditions in children

Gary L Freed, Simon Morgan, Amanda Tapley, Neil A Spike, Parker J Magin

Responding to registrars’ in-consultation calls for assistance: Practical implications from the ReCeNT project

Susan M Wearne, Simon Morgan, Parker Magin, Neil A Spike, Amanda Tapley, Cathy Regan, Lawrie McArthur

Test result audit and feedback (TRAFk) as a supervision method for rational test ordering in general practice training

Simon Morgan, Tony Saltis, Justin Coleman, Amanda Tapley, Parker Magin

Identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status by general practice registrars: Confidence and associations

Simon Morgan, Allison Thomson, Peter O’Mara, Amanda Tapley, Kim M Henderson, Mieke van Driel, John Scott, Neil A Spike, Lawrie McArthur, Parker Magin

Are GP supervisors confident they can assess registrar competence and safety, and what methods do they use?

Gerard Ingham, Simon Morgan, Leigh Kinsman, Jennifer Fry

The Registrars’ Clinical Encounters in Training (ReCEnT) project: educational and research aspects of documenting general practice trainees’ clinical experience

Parker Magin, Simon Morgan, Kim M Henderson, Amanda Tapley, John Scott, Neil A Spike, Lawrie McArthur, Jenny Presser, Natalie Lockwood, Mieke van Driel

Towards an educational continuing professional development (EdCPD) curriculum for Australian general practice supervisors

Simon Morgan, Gerard Ingham, Susan M Wearne, Tony Saltis, Rosa Canalese, Lawrie McArthur

Starting off in general practice – consultation skill tips for new GP registrars

Simon Morgan, Moses Chan, Chris Starling

Fatigue – a rational approach to investigation

Jessica Wilson, Simon Morgan, Parker J Magin, Mieke van Driel

We live in testing times

Simon Morgan, Justin Coleman

Random case analysis

Simon Morgan, Gerard Ingham

The paediatric clinical experiences of general practice registrars

Gary L Freed, Neil A Spike, Parker J Magin, Simon Morgan, Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Brooks

Procedural skills in general practice vocational training

Stephen Sylvester, Parker J Magin, Kevin Sweeney, Simon Morgan, Kim M Henderson

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