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Adam Morton

Email: Adam.Morton@mater.org.au
FRACP, is Senior Staff Specialist, Endocrinology and Obstetric Medicine, Mater Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland

A young African woman with hyperglycaemia

CaseA Congolese refugee, 24 years of age, was referred to the emergency department with a random venous glucose of 29 mmol/L. She was noted to have pigmented striae, a buffalo hump, acanthosis...

A young woman with yellow hands and secondary amenorrhoea

CaseA personal trainer, 26 years of age, presented because of a 12-month history of secondary amenorrhoea since ceasing the oral contraceptive pill. In addition, a friend had commented on the...

Allergic reactions to insulin detemir in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Recent changes to the diagnostic threshold and process of universal oral glucose tolerance testing may increase the number of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) by up to 50%.1...

A young man with weight loss and lymphadenopathy A case study

Figure 1. Chest X-ray demonstrating bilateral symmetrical hilar lymphadenopathy and reticular opacitiesQuestion 1What are the differential diagnoses?Question 2Which investigation would you consider...

When lab tests lie … heterophile antibodies

DiscussionThe prevalence of heterophile antibodies is 0.17–40% in the general population.1 In eight automated tumour marker immunoassays, the prevalence of heterophile antibodies was 0.2–3.7%.2...


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