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Siaw-Teng Liaw

Email: siaw@unsw.edu.au
PhD, FRACGP, FACHI, FACMI, Professor of General Practice, University of New South Wales; Director, General Practice Unit, South Western Sydney Local Health District; RACGP National Research and Evaluation Ethics Committee, NSW.

Alcohol screening and brief interventions in primary care – Evidence and a pragmatic practice-based approach

Risky alcohol use is a problem in Australia. The general population has consistently perceived ‘excessive alcohol consumption’ as the ‘drug of most serious concern’.1 It is common – 30% of people...

Can research that is not intended or unlikely to be published be considered ethical?

The National statement on ethical conduct in human research1 (National Statement) describes research as investigations undertaken to gain knowledge and understanding, or to train researchers. Human...

Data extraction from electronic health records Existing tools may be unreliable and potentially unsafe

Commercial DETs exist, but, like EHRs, they are largely proprietary ‘black-box’ solutions with intellectual property protection preventing adequate assessment of any design or execution errors or...

Ethical considerations in recruiting primary care patients to research studies

CaseYou have been approached by university researchers seeking your help to recruit patients to a research study. The study would involve your elderly, frail patients answering a survey about their...

Ethical research or research ethics?

Are we doing ethical health research or just complying with research ethics and technical requirements?Like others,1 we have observed a tendency for 1) ethical issues in clinical and health...

Genetics and genomics in general practice

The translation of molecular medicine into clinical practice has implications for general practice and personalised medicine.

Improving cultural respect to improve Aboriginal health in general practice: 
a multi-methods and multi-perspective pragmatic study

Inequitable access and inappropriate care1 are significant causes of the gap in health status between Aboriginal people and other Australians.2–4 The Council of Australian Governments (COAG...

Optimising the use of observational electronic health record data: Current issues, evolving opportunities, strategies and scope for collaboration

General practice is the cornerstone of primary care in Australia. The computerisation of general practice has placed general practitioners (GPs) at the forefront of moves to use the pooled data...

Research ethics and approval process: A guide for new GP researchers

Why have research ethics?Researchers endeavour to gain, develop, generate, construct and improve upon ideas, knowledge and understanding.1 Human research is ‘conducted with or about people, or...

Safe and effective cultural mentorship in general practice

Inequitable access to, and inappropriate, care are significant causes of the gap in health status between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians.1–3 Access4 is...


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