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Lawrence Leung

Email: leungl@queensu.ca
MBBChir, MFM(Clin), DPD(Wales), FRACGP, FRCGP(UK), CCFP, is Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Painful black toe A case study

Case studyMr B, 65 years of age, presented with a painful black left toe. He complained of pain and bluish discoloration of his left foot for the past 8 months, which had worsened in the past 3...

Painful red lumps on the shins

CaseFigure 1. Multiple red lumps on the anterior aspect of the lower limbsMs W, 47 years of age, presented to your clinic with a 2-week history of multiple red lumps on both of her shins. She first...

Painful swollen wrist A case study

Case studyMr L, an Asian man aged 48 years, presented to his family doctor with a 3 month history of pain and swelling of his left wrist. He described the pain as ‘dull and gnawing’, which...

Treating common warts Options and evidence

Nongenital warts are a common condition seen in general practice, affecting patients of all ages. There are many treatment options and patients often self medicate with remedies from folklore or...


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