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Gary L Freed

Email: gfreed@umich.edu
MD, MPH is Australian-American Health Policy Fellow, Australian Health Workforce Institute, University of Melbourne and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health Policy, University of Michigan, United States of America.

Actual availability of appointments at general practices in regional New South Wales, Australia

Hospital emergency departments are under considerable strain across Australia. Recent evidence has found a marked increase in the use of emergency departments, rising by 52% between 2002 and 2013...

Changes in the demography of Australia and therefore general practice patient populations

Although the older adult population has been a national focus, there are also demographic changes among the paediatric age group.1 These changes may also affect current and future aspects of the...

Co-payments and parental decision-making: A cross-sectional survey of the impact on general practice and emergency department presentations

Co-payments for healthcare services are one mechanism by which policymakers may attempt to mitigate the increasing cost of health service provision.1 These goals may be achieved through the direct...

General practitioner perspectives on referrals to paediatric public specialty clinics

Over the past decade, there have been reports of changing patterns of primary care delivery in Australia. Specifically, children are making up a smaller proportion of overall general practice...

Referral rates of general practice registrars for behavioural or mental health conditions in children

General practitioners (GPs) are responsible for the primary care of Australians of all ages. As healthcare becomes more complex, and new discoveries and therapies continue to emerge, the knowledge...

The global imperative to address vaccine-preventable diseases

When one speaks of global health, there are few issues that have a health impact globally rather than in just one or more regions of the world, or in a specific population. This concept is...

The paediatric clinical experiences of general practice registrars

Commensurate with the demographic changes in the overall population, recent studies have demonstrated changes in the demography of patients who visit general practice.3 Over the past 16 years, a...

Use of home visiting GP services by paediatric patients presenting at emergency departments

General practices have a responsibility to ensure their patients can receive timely access to medical care and advice. 1,2 This includes the potential of having a general practitioner (GP) visit...


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