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Margaret Crawford

Email: margpat@bigpond.net.au
MBBS, FRACGP, is a general practitioner, Bundaberg, Queensland.

Asthma Cycle of Care attendance Overcoming therapeutic inertia using an asthma clinic

The prevalence of asthma is high in Australia. Despite national guidelines recommending the use of an Asthma Action Plan only 22.5% of people with asthma had a plan in 2004–2005.

A cardiovascular risk clinic using home BP monitoring

Hypertension is the most common chronic condition managed in general practice, but blood pressure (BP) control is often suboptimal. Home blood pressure (HBP) monitoring can be more accurate than ...

‘If this…, then…’ Resource allocation in a finite world

Time demands of prevention and CDMRecently, the time that GPs are expected to spend on the second and third areas listed above has increased dramatically. A 2003 study looked at the time required...


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