AFP Cover 2017


2017 Vol 46 (5) 261-352

The May issue of AFP explores the management of various skin conditions.


Scabies: A clinical update

Myra Hardy, Daniel Engelman, Andrew Steer

Optimising cryosurgery technique

William C Cranwell, Rodney Sinclair


Danit Maor, Alvin H Chong

Skin biopsy in the diagnosis of inflammatory skin disease

Nathan Tobias Harvey, Jonathan Chan, Benjamin Andrew Wood

Skin biopsy in the diagnosis of neoplastic skin disease

Nathan Tobias Harvey, Jonathan Chan, Benjamin Andrew Wood

Up front

Editorial: Cognitive errors in the management of skin conditions: Rash decisions and alternative facts

Glenn Duns

Letters to the editor


Beyond anxiety and agitation: A clinical approach to akathisia

Richardson Oghoteru Tachere, Mandana Modirrousta

Ulipristal acetate: An update for Australian GPs

Danielle Mazza


Improving blood pressure control in general practice: A pilot study of the ImPress intervention

Nicholas Zwar, Oshana Hermiz, Elizabeth Halcomb, Patricia M Davidson, Thomas Bodenheimer

Patterns of complementary and alternative medicine use and health literacy in general practice patients in urban and regional Australia

Dora M von Conrady, Andrew Bonney

Actual availability of appointments at general practices in regional New South Wales, Australia

Joanne Bradbury, Susan Nancarrow, Cathy Avila, Sabrina Pit, Ruth Potts, Frances Doran, Gary L Freed

GPs’ perspectives on prescribing intrauterine contraceptive devices

Gabrielle Lodge, Lena Sanci, Meredith J Temple-Smith

General practitioners’ knowledge about use of topical corticosteroids in paediatric atopic dermatitis in Australia

Saxon D Smith, Victoria Harris, Andrew Lee, Alex Blaszczynski, Gayle Fischer


Measuring general practice activity in Australia: A brief history

Helena Britt, Graeme C Miller

General practitioners and school psychologists: An underused collaboration

John R Burns, Kevin Wong

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