Veteran's Health

March 2016

AFP Cover 2016 March

Veteran's Health

March 2016 Vol 45 (3) 81-160

This month's articles include: Veterans’ health, ADF Post-discharge GP Health Assessment, Australian veterans’ mental health issues and Supporting Australia’s new veterans


Management of Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients in general practice

Christopher Harrison, Janice Charles, Ying Pan, Helena Britt

The Australian Defence Force Post‑discharge GP Health Assessment

Richard L Reed, Stacey Masters, Leigh S Roeger

Australian veterans – Identification of mental health issues

Stephanie Hodson, Alexander McFarlane

Supporting Australia’s new veterans

Gerard F Gill, Roderick Bain, Isaac Seidl

Up front

Editorial: What general practitioners need to know about veterans’ health

Richard L Reed

Letters to the editor


Use of anticoagulation in thyroid disease

James L Polmear, Matthew J L Hare, Sarah R Catford, Duncan J Topliss, Michael J Dooley

Unravelling the efficacy of antidepressants as analgesics

Raguraman Janakiraman, Laura Hamilton, Aston Wan

A surprising presentation of blistering mouth ulcers

Karen Broadbent

Nail pitting and onycholysis

Joana Tendais-Almeida, Fátima Aguiar, Tiago Torres


Evaluation of a sexually transmissible infections education program: Lessons for general practice learning

Jennifer Reath, Penelope Abbott, Ann Dadich, Hassan Hosseinzadeh, Wendy Hu, Melissa Kang, Tim Usherwood, Carolyn Murray, Chris Bourne

Reducing injecting-related injury and diseases in people who inject drugs: Results from a clinician-led brief intervention

Mihaela Ivan, Craig Rodgers, Lisa Maher, Ingrid van Beek

Prescribed antibiotic use in Australian children aged 0–12 years

Svetla Gadzhanova, Elizabeth Roughead

Referral rates of general practice registrars for behavioural or mental health conditions in children

Gary L Freed, Simon Morgan, Amanda Tapley, Neil A Spike, Parker J Magin


Ethical considerations in recruiting primary care patients to research studies

Christopher Barton, Chun Wah Michael Tam, Penelope Abbott, Siaw-Teng Liaw

Six elements of integrated primary healthcare

Lynsey Brown, Jodie Oliver-Baxter

Optimising the use of observational electronic health record data: Current issues, evolving opportunities, strategies and scope for collaboration

Siaw-Teng Liaw, Gawaine Powell-Davies, Christopher Pearce, Helena Britt, Lisa McGlynn, Mark F Harris


Beware of mental health commissions bearing gifts to primary care

Steve Kisely

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