July 2014

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July 2014 Vol 43 (7) 417–496

This month's articles include genetics in general practice, noninvasive prenatal testing, consumer DNA testing, genetic testing – medico-legal issues, ethics and professionalism, and investigating fatigue.


Genetic testing

Allan J Pollack, Graeme C Miller

Genetics in general practice

Grant Blashki, Sylvia Metcalfe, Jon Emery

Noninvasive prenatal testing

Jane Woolcock, Rosalie Grivell

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing and the general practitioner

Ronald Trent

Up front

Gene dreams

Sarah Metcalfe

Letters to the editor


Identifying Chagas disease in Australia: an emerging challenge for general practitioners

Angie Pinto, Sarah Pett, Yves Jackson

Extensive lip ulcers: a case report

Kooi-Yau Chean

Eye care in the elderly

Catherine Green, Jonathan Goodfellow, Jessica Kubie

Atypical dermatology – are you missing an important diagnosis?

Warren Apel, Kate Wilson, Daniel Anderson

Chronic throat pain

Kyung Soo Kim, Su Jin Lim, Hoon Shik Yang

Fatigue – a rational approach to investigation

Jessica Wilson, Simon Morgan, Parker J Magin, Mieke van Driel


Spirometry screening for airway obstruction in asymptomatic smokers

Juan Wisnivesky, Gwen Skloot, Andrew Rundle, Tracey A Revenson, Alfred Neugut

Ethics and professionalism in general practice placements: what should students learn?

Nancy J Sturman, Nargess Saiepour

‘It’s got to be another approach’: an Aboriginal Health Worker perspective on cardiovascular risk screening and education

Tejas Deshmukh, Penelope Abbott, Jennifer Reath


Genetic testing: medico-legal issues

Sara Bird

General practice and public health: who is my patient?

Gillian Porter, Grant Blashki, Nathan Grills

Greater support for generalism in rural and regional Australia

Sarah Larkins, Rebecca Evans


Sentinel lymph node biopsy now has a limited role in melanoma management

Anthony Dixon, Stuart Anderson, Howard Steinman, Alexander Nirenberg, John B Dixon

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Interviews July 2014

Theoretical advantages of sentinel node biopsies for melanoma patients

Professor Anthony Dixon, Honorary Professor at the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology and Director of Education: Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology, discusses the results from a large random prospective randomized control trial used to determine whether or not there are theoretical advantages of sentinel node biopsies for melanoma patients, what was involved in the trial, and what the results mean for practitioners.

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Common genetic issues that arise in general practice clinical consultations

Dr Grant Blashki, Associate Professor, Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne, discusses some of the common genetic issues that arise in general practice clinical consultations, and the importance of ensuring patients and their families adequately understand what is involved in the testing.

Duration: 13 minutes 13 seconds
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New noninvasive prenatal tests and their place in antenatal screening

Dr Jane Woolcock, Staff Specialist at Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide and Senior Lecturer at University of Adelaide, describes the new noninvasive prenatal tests and their place in antenatal screening.

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