Growing epidemics

August 2013

AFP Cover 2013 August

Growing epidemics

August 2013 Vol 42 (8) 513–592

This month's articles include obesity, the metabolic syndrome, gestational diabetes mellitus, chronic stress, elevated troponin, acute breathlessness, and myocardial perfusion scans.


Gestational diabetes

Christopher Harrison, Clare Bayram, Helena Britt

The metabolic syndrome

Mark F Harris

Gestational diabetes mellitus

Negotiating the confusion

Alison Nankervis, Jennifer Conn


Recommendations for management in general practice and beyond

Mariee Grima, John B Dixon

Chronic stress

An approach to management in general practice

Christopher Hogan

Up front

History lessons

Sarah Metcalfe

Letters to the editor


The bariatric surgery patient

Nutrition considerations

Caroline Shannon, Ashlee Gervasoni, Trudy Williams

What does an elevated troponin mean?

An update on the definition of myocardial infarction

Bo Xu, Andrew I MacIsaac

Acute breathlessness

A case study of a chronic smoker with marijuana addiction

Rumi R Khajotia, Nalini Somaweera

Myocardial perfusion scans

Joseph C Lee, Malcolm J West, Frederick A Khafagi

Consider HIV

Testing for HIV and HIV indicator diseases

Charlotte Bell, Russell Waddell, Nicola Chynoweth

Sweet solutions for procedural pain in infants

Handbook of Non Drug Intervention (HANDI) Project Team

A young man with weight loss and lymphadenopathy

A case study

Adam Morton


Managing chronic disease

Patients’ views and attitudes to using a broadband based service

Ruby Biezen, Kay M Jones, Leon Piterman

Predictors of uptake of influenza vaccination

A survey of pregnant women in Western Australia

Silje E Taksdal, Donna B Mak, Sarah Joyce, Stephania Tomlin, Dale Carcione, Paul K Armstrong, Paul V Effler


A is for aphorism

‘Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment’

Rebecca Farley

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Melissa Tan


AFP Podcasts

Interviews August 2013

Obesity in general practice

Professor John Dixon discusses the management of obesity in general practice including first line lifestyle interventions and more intensive treatment strategies.

Duration: 26 minutes 1 seconds
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Metabolic Syndrome

Professor Mark Harris discusses the Metabolic Syndrome including how and why to make the diagnosis and principles of management in general practice.

Duration: 19 minutes 18 seconds
File size: 6MB

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Alison Nankervis helps us negotiate the confusion around the diagnosis and management Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Duration: 17 minutes 56 seconds
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