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Psychological strategies

September Vol 41 (9) 641-736


Psychological encounters in general practice

Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt, Janice Charles, Carmen Zhang

Motivational interviewing techniques

Kate Hall, Tania Gibbie, Dan I Lubman

Cognitive behaviour therapy

Maarit Harden

Acceptance and commitment therapy

Matthew Smout

Problem solving therapy

David Pierce

Up front

On being useful

Kath O’Connor

Letters to the editor


Early and tight glycaemic control

Ivan Kuo, Gary Deed, John Barlow

Cutaneous plaque in a diabetic patient

Jacinto Orgaz-Molina, Marilena Cotugno, Rosa Rios-Pelegrina, Salvador Arias-Santiago

Bone scans

Joseph C Lee, Frederick A Khafagi, Andrew D Hennessy

Managing undernutrition in the elderly

Damian Flanagan, Therese Fisher, Michael Murray, Renuka Visvanathan, Cathy Thesing, Gerald Quigley, Kerstin Walther, Karen Charlton

Multiple penile lesions

Sergio Vano-Galvan, Angela Miguel-Morrondo, Emiliano Grillo, Pedro Jaén Olasolo

Painful black toe

Lawrence Leung

Neonatal rash

Kwa Siew Kim, Davendralingam Sinniah, Tan Kah Kee


Using a mobile phone application in youth mental health

Lena Sanci, Sophie C Reid, Angela S Khor, Stephen JC Hearps, Andrew D Kennedy, George C Patton, Sylvia D Kauer

Changes in the demography of Australia and therefore general practice patient populations

Neil A Spike, Gary L Freed, Jill Sewell, Lauren Moran, Peter Brooks

Assessing pathology training needs

Caroline Laurence, Tanya Bubner, Rosy Tirimacco


Problem gambling

Simone Rodda, Kathleen Latage, Dan I Lubman

A is for aphorism

Georga Cooke

Bendigo CHS Men’s Health Clinic

Peter Strange, Michael Tenni


Mental health nurses in general practice

Cindy Condon

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Sarah Metcalfe


Problem solving therapy

Associate Professor David Pierce discusses the evidence base for Problem solving therapy and its use in the general practice setting

Cognitive behaviour therapy

Dr Maarit Harden discusses CBT, including her experiences with incorporating it into general practice consultations.


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