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November Vol 40 (11) 841–936


Intimate partner violence

Lorna O’Doherty, Kelsey Hegarty

Nonaccidental injury in childhood

Anne Smith


Katy A Jones, Suzanne Nielsen, Raimondo Bruno, Dan I Lubman, Matthew Frei

Aggressive behaviour

Moira G Sim, Toni Wain, Eric Khong

Up front

Asking the important questions

Rachel Lee

Letters to the editor


The prepubertal hymen

Anne Smith

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

National Heart Foundation and High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Consensus Committee

Primary hyperparathyroidism

Wayne Rankin

Obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring

Omar Mulla, Frank Agada, David Dawson, Sanjai Sood

Steroid associated infective keratitis

Ethan Nguyen, John Males, Neil Sharma, Ju-Lee Ooi

Occupational violence

Parker J Magin, Jon Adams


Patient centred care

Maria R Dahm

Lifestyle intervention

Roshan Dhanapalaratnam, Mahnaz Fanaian, Mark F Harris

Treating chronic fatigue syndrome

Mieke van Driel, Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers, Ekua Weba Brenu, Sonya Marshall, Don Staines

Web based diabetes care planning

Akuh Adaji, Peter Schattner, Leon Piterman


Child abuse

Sara Bird

Advanced rural skills training

Julaine Allan

Fitness to drive forms

Fiona Landgren


Unintended pregnancies

Jayne Lucke, Danielle Herbert, Edith Weisberg, Deborah Loxton

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine


A ‘tobacco endgame'.

Professor Matthew Peters discusses a range of options that have been raised for a ‘tobacco endgame.’

Occupation and environmental respiratory presentations

Dr Ryan Hoy discusses the range of causes and presentations of respiratory presentations related to occupation and environmental exposures.

Bronchiectasis diagnosis and management

Dr Graeme Maguire discusses bronchiectasis including issues around diagnosis and management

Recreation and travel for patients with chronic lung disease

Christine McDonald discusses the answer to the question ‘Is it okay for me to…?’ when patients with chronic lung disease ask about travel and recreational activities

Women survivors of child abuse

Adeline Lee discusses research into women survivors of child abuse thoughts on being asked about their experiences by GPs.


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