Traps for the unwary

November 2010


Linking the RACGP curriculum to vocational education

Volume 39, No.11, November 2010 Pages 869-874

Lyn Clearihan

Heather McGarry

Melanie Cheng

Peter Bratuskins

Mark Rowe

Regional training providers face many challenges in delivering vocational training to general practice registrars across Australia. They need to be able to respond to new learning theories and the ever expanding volume of medical knowledge, as well as the changing medical workforce.

In 2008, the Victorian Metropolitan Alliance (VMA) embarked on a project to map the new Royal Australian College of General Practitioners curriculum to the VMA program. The aim of this article is to describe the processes through which the VMA created a curriculum guide for peer learning workshops, supervisors and registrars, designed to be adaptable to various Australian curricula and to be flexible and robust, as well as accessible to the intended users.

The landscape of medical education is changing in response to new approaches to learning,1 the expanding nature and volume of knowledge2 and the changing structure and function of the medical workforce.3–5 In response to these changes, modern day professional curricula, such as those of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), have absorbed new approaches to learning and teaching6–8 in an attempt to capture the breadth, depth and scope of modern medical practice. From a vocational training perspective however, there is a persisting challenge: 'How to meet growing expectations with a consistent approach across the nation while ensuring flexibility in pathways, styles and approaches to learning?'9 This question is especially relevant given that the profession has two national curricula: the RACGP curriculum10 and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) curriculum.11,12 The 20 regional training providers (RTPs) who deliver vocational training nationally will use either one or both of these to underpin their educational programs.

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