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Volume 39, Issue 11, November 2010

Does it matter if I’m ‘just’ pregnant?

Ines Rio
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The time before a woman has confirmed her pregnancy is an important time for both the woman and her unborn baby’s wellbeing. With the period of organogenesis largely occurring between the third and eighth week of development, early pregnancy is a time when a woman may have problems related to the pregnancy itself, or where diseases have a higher risk of morbidity in the woman or the fetus. Yet, the woman and her doctor, may be unaware of the pregnancy.
This article outlines presenting complaints where a doctor should specifically explore the possibility of early pregnancy in a woman in her reproductive years, as pregnancy may have an impact on the management, and ultimately the wellbeing, of both the woman and the fetus.
Identification and appropriate management of the coexisting pregnancy and presenting condition allows the general practitioner to provide the most appropriate care in this clinical situation.

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