Street drugs

August 2010

AFP Cover 2010 August

Street drugs

August 2010 Vol 39 (8) 529-609

The theme for the August issue of AFP is street drugs. This month's articles include Drug abuse, Prescription drug misuse, Opioid dependence – management in general practice, Cannabis and mental health – management in primary care & Party drugs – use and harm reduction


Drug abuse

Janice Charles, Helena Britt, Salma Fahridin

Prescription drug misuse

Benny Monheit

Opioid dependence

Management in general practice

Matthew Frei

Cannabis and mental health

Management in primary care

Dan I Lubman, Amanda Baker

Party drugs

Use and harm reduction

Matthew Frei

Diagnostic dilemmas in substance disorders

Rodger Brough

Up front

Heaven, earth, hell

Jenni Parsons


Managing a difficult periorbital skin cancer

Steven Tomas

Type 2 diabetes

Controlling hyperglycaemia with early insulin use

Richard J MacIsaac, Ada Cheung, George Jerums

Yellow fever

Prevention in travellers

Amy A Neilson, Cora A Mayer

Skier’s thumb

Daniel Anderson

Dietary management in diabetes

Alan Barclay, Heather Gilbertson, Kate Marsh, Carmel Smart


Psychosocial assessment of young people

Refining and evaluating a youth friendly assessment interview

Alexandra Parker, Sarah Hetrick, Rosemary Purcell

A diagnosis of hepatitis C

Insights from a study on patients’ experiences

Carla Treloar, Jamee Newland, Magdalena Harris , Rachel Deacon, Lisa Maher


Mandatory reporting of health practitioners

Notifiable conduct

Sara Bird

Advice for an adventurous career

James Blogg

Prostate specific antigen

Useful screening tool or potential liability?

Patrick Mahar, Shomik Sengupta, Karinne Ludlow, Niall Corcorane

Leading a practice

Tips from the toolkit 7

Neville Steer

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Kate Molinari


AFP Podcasts

Interviews August 2010

Opioid dependence – Management in general practice

Dr Matthew Frei discusses the management of opioid dependence using opioid pharmacotherapy, as part of a comprehensive chronic illness management strategy. Dr Frei discusses the risks and benefits of opioid pharmacotherapy and how it works. He also discusses how to assess and manage appropriate opioid-dependent patients, including the different opioid pharmacotherapy formulations available in Australia. He goes on to discuss other possible treatment options, including drug withdrawal. Finally, Dr Frei explains how GPs can become a trained opioid prescriber and how to get more information.

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Party drugs – Use and harm reduction

Dr Matthew Frei talks about the risks associated with the use of the so-called ‘party drugs', and discusses a useful approach to general practitioner assessment and management of patients who may be using party drugs

Duration: 14 minutes 58 seconds
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Cannabis and psychosis and affective disorders

Professor Dan Lubman talks about cannabis use; the complex pharmalogy that underlies its the physical and psychosocial effects; and the links between cannabis and psychosis and affective disorders. He discusses the importance of adopting a a non judgemental approach to engage the patient, assess substance abuse and psychological comorbidity and minimise harm from cannabis use. Motivational interviewing techniques can assist the patient in making links between their cannabis use and mood and psychosocial difficulties

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