Hands and feet

September 2009

AFP Cover 2009 September

Hands and feet

September 2009 Vol 38 (9) 657-752

The theme for the September issue of AFP is Hands and feet. This month's articles include Carpal tunnel syndrome, Sweaty, smelly hands and feet, Persistent foot pain, My hands shake – classification and treatment of tremor & Carpal tunnel syndrome – can it be a work related condition?


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Can it be a work related condition?

W Bruce Conolly, John H McKessar

My hands shake

Classification and treatment of tremor

Dharshana Sirisena, David R Williams

Persistent foot pain

Peter Baquie, Nicola Quigley, Laura Baquie, Mark Blackney

Sweaty, smelly hands and feet

Catherine E Scarff

Up front

From the mind to the hands

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor


Type 1 diabetes

Still the commonest form of diabetes in children

Matthew A Sabin, Fergus J Cameron, George A Werther

Children get type 2 diabetes too

Jessica Phillips, Patrick J Phillips

Food allergy and intolerance

Linda Hodge, Anne Swain, Kim Faulkner-Hogg

Motherhood and mental illness

Part 2 – management and medications

Jacqueline Frayne, Thinh Nguyen, Suzanna Allen, Jonathan Rampono


Diagnosis of male depression

Does general practitioner gender play a part?

Zaza Lyons, Aleksandar Janca

The Victorian hepatitis C education program for GPs

An evaluation

Yung-Hsuan Julie Wang, Rebecca Guy, Margaret Hellard

How do rural GPs manage their inactive and overweight patients?

A pilot study of rural GPs in Queensland

Diann Eley, Robert M Eley

Opportunistic screening for chlamydia in young men

Dana Hince, Tom Brett, Donna B Mak, Max Bulsara, Robert Moorhead, Diane Arnold-Reed

Statin initiation by GPs in WA

A structured vignette study

Leanne Stafford, Nichola Harmer, Satvinder Dhaliwal, Moyez Jiwa


Bushfires and human health in a changing environment

Fay H Johnston

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Janice Charles, Salma Fahridin, Helena Britt

Childhood obesity, BMI calculators, and medical software

Time for an upgrade?

Kay M Jones, Maureen E Dixon, John B Dixon

Preparing Australian medical students for climate change

Evelyn I Hamel Green, Grant Blashki, Helen L Berry, David Harley, Graeme Horton, Gillian Hall

Lessons from the past

Historical trends in the RACGP examination

Russell Jones, Morton Rawlin, Kaye Atkinson, Jan Radford, Leon Au, Dene Egglestone

Failure to diagnose: tendon injuries

Sara Bird

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee


AFP Podcasts

Interviews September 2009

My hands shake: classification and treatment of tremor

David Williams talks about what GPs need to know about how to assess, investigate and treat patients who present with tremor. In particular, a detailed history and observation is vital to distinguish resting from action tremor and look for other clinical clues to the diagnosis. Investigation should include basic biochemistry in all cases. David discusses the clinical features and management of physiologic, essential, dystonic, parkinsonian, cerebellar, drug induced and psychogenic tremor.

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