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Australian Family Physician


Volume 38, Issue 5, May 2009

Live kidney donors Assessment and follow up

Vicki Levidiotis
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Live kidney donation has increased steadily over the past decade, both in Australia and internationally. In some centres more than 50% of patients receiving a kidney transplant do so from a living related or unrelated donor. Live nondirected or altruistic donation has become more popular, as have paired exchange programs. General practitioners may be involved in pre-donation counselling and the assessment and follow up of otherwise healthy kidney donors.
This overview outlines the clinical pathway and considerations required pre- and post-live kidney donation and highlights some of the uncertainties of donor nephrectomy.
Live donation requires comprehensive physical, psychological and immunological assessment of the donor-recipient pair. Assessment requires an integrated approach that incorporates the skills of a number of clinicians and allied health practitioners. General practitioners have a crucial role in the counselling, assessment and follow up of live kidney donors.

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