May 2009

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May 2009 Vol 38 (5) 273 - 368

The theme for the May issue of AFP is sleep. This month's articles include insomnia, sleep apnoea – a general practice approach, kids that go bump in the night, restless legs syndrome, sleep and depression – theory and practice and the patient centred medical home – a new model of practice in the USA.



Janice Charles, Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt

Restless legs syndrome

Brendon Yee, Roo Killick, Keith Wong

Sleep and depression

Theory and practice

Michael Berk

Sleep apnoea

A general practice approach

Kirk Kee, Matthew T Naughton

Up front

Small ‘l’ leadership

Jenni Parsons

Letters to the editor


Could it be Henoch-Schönlein purpura?

Chi Eung Danforn Lim, Lisa N C Cheng, Felix W S Wong

Live kidney donors

Assessment and follow up

Vicki Levidiotis

Management of chalazia in general practice

Graham A Lee, Hannah Gilchrist

Persistent hyperkalaemia

Bo Xu, Michael Murray


The 45 year old health check

Feasibility and impact on practices and patient behaviour

Cheryl Amoroso, Mark F Harris, Amando Ampt, Rachel A Laws, Suzanne McKenzie, Anna M Williams, Upali W Jayasinghe, Nicholas A Zwar, Gawaine Powell Davies

Cardiovascular risk assessment in Australian general practice

Ruchi Gupta, Nigel Stocks, Jessica Broadbent

Kids that go bump in the night

Margot Davey

Rural smokers

A prevention opportunity

Anna Chapman, Stephen Bunker, James Dunbar, Kevin McNamara, Andrew Baird, Benjamin Philpot, Erkki Vartiainen, Tiina Laatikainen, Edward Janus


Choosing general practice as a career

The influences of education and training

Jeremy Bunker, Narelle Shadbolt

GPs with special interests

Benefits to patients, GPs and the community

Geoffrey Spurling, Claire Jackson

A patient’s duty to follow up

Sara Bird


The patient centred medical home

A new model of practice in the USA

Rick Kellerman

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee


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Interviews May 2009

Sleep and depression

Professor Michael Berk discusses the relationship between sleep and depression and the clinical implications

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