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Type: On-demand
Recorded: 19 Mar 2024


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Sepsis Awareness

On-demand recorded 19 Mar 2024

Join us for this webinar to gain insights from leading experts and enhance your skills in identifying the early signs and red flag symptoms of sepsis.
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role that GPs play in effectively managing this critical condition. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your knowledge and contribute to improved patient care!

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify clinical red flags and demonstrate the ability to quickly assess and prioritise patients at risk.
  2. Discuss the diagnostic criteria including the importance of early diagnosis, prompt initiation of treatment in sepsis management.
  3. Identify the key features in determining when to refer a suspected case to hospital.
  4. Summarise clear information on clinical deterioration, sepsis risks, symptoms, and when to seek urgent medical attention.
  5. Outline post sepsis care and the need for ongoing monitoring of patients for possible post sepsis sequelae.
Educational Activities


Dr Rebekah Hoffman
Chair RACGP NSW&ACT Faculty

Dr Rebekah Hoffman is a specialist GP and a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. She has special interest in a broad range across Women’s and Children’s Health, Sport Medicine, Surgery and Business Governance. Further to this, she also enjoys teaching, being a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wollongong in Medical Education, and regularly mentors students studying medicine from a number of Universities in NSW.


Dr Helen Goodwin
Senior Staff Specialist Paediatrician

Dr Helen Goodwin is the current NSW Health Chief Paediatrician and is a General Paediatrician with extensive experience in Regional and Metropolitan Paediatrics. She worked in Tamworth for 16 years and has been a senior staff specialist at RNSH at St Leonards since 2018. Helen is also the current Medical lead for the Paediatric patient safety program at the NSW CEC and was chair of the CEC paediatric sepsis pathway working group. She has a special clinical interest in emergency paediatrics and chronic and complex healthcare in children and young people. She is passionate about health equity and consumer and carer engagement in health services provision. She has had a longstanding involvement in medical education and mentoring healthcare staff.

Dr Melanie Berry
Emergency Physician

Dr Melanie Berry is an Emergency Physician and holds positions at Orange hospital as an Emergency Staff Specialist and a VMO position at Gosford Hospital. As well as working in virtual care at RPA Virtual. Melanie has a Master’s in clinical epidemiology and is a lecturer and co-director of Critical care at the University of Sydney Rural Clinical School Orange. Melanie holds honorary positions with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission as the co-Chair of the Serious Incident Review Committee, Chair of the Adult Sepsis working group looking at how to improve the guideline to identify sepsis and a member of the Sepsis Pathway Expert Advisory Group and member to the NSW Urgent Sepsis Expert Working group.


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