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Department of Health Victoria and RACGP Victoria Webinar - Syphilis & COVID-19 Update Members login for free access About RACGP online events


Type: On-demand
Recorded: 29 Feb 2024


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Department of Health Victoria and RACGP Victoria Webinar - Syphilis & COVID-19 Update

On-demand recorded 29 Feb 2024

DoH and RACGP Victoria webinar series
Latest public health advice and Q&A presented by DoH representatives in conjunction with RACGP Victoria Faculty Chair Dr Anita Munoz and staff.

This month, we are privileged to have two Deputy Chief Health Officers from the Victorian Department of Health presenting.

Dr Christian McGrath will present on the evolution of the current Syphilis epidemic globally and touch on the Australian issues and the re-emerging Victorian epidemiology.

Dr David Lister will provide an update on epidemiology, offering insights into the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation will cover current messaging on vaccines, precautionary behaviours and antiviral eligibility.

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Dr Aadhil Aziz

‘Treating my patients like family. Wise words from an old master, which I practice daily’. With experience from 4 continents in medicine (Medical, Surgical, Emergency, ICU medicine, volunteer work and General Practice), Aadhil Aziz is uniquely positioned and a part of the revolution to make the world a better place - and a huge proponent of, genuinely, ‘Universal Healthcare’. A pre-covid advocate of telemedicine and its benefits and limitations on how to help spread health awareness even further. He is also business owner of a GP clinic as well as the newly elected Chair of the New Fellows Committee of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Aadhil has a broad interest in General Practice - ranging from Mental Health to Chronic and Complex Disease management, Obesity and musculoskeletal, women’s health and skin cancers medicine as well as interests in adult and paediatric medicine. He pays a special interest in ‘paying it forward’.. often staying back to help patients in need.. so that they may in turn, one day, help someone else.


Dr David Lister
Deputy Chief Health Officer, Victorian Department of Health

Dr David Lister is an Infectious Diseases Physician and Deputy Chief Health Officer, Pandemic Preparedness for the Victorian Department of Health. He has been a key contributor to Victoria’s pandemic program since early 2020 and work clinically at Grampians Health and in private practice. His career to date has focused on communicable disease control, clinical infectious diseases, health policy and health equity drawing on his extensive government, clinical, and international NGO experiences.

Dr Christian McGrath
Deputy Chief Health Officer, Victorian Department of Health

Dr Christian McGrath is a general and infectious diseases physician with extensive experience in multidisciplinary health environments. He has additional skills in education, journalism and science. Christian has over a decade of experience in clinical infectious diseases and public health management. He has statewide experience leading in both a Pandemic environment (in the Department of Health, COVID Quarantine Victoria, North Eastern Public Health Unit) and essential business within public health and healthcare. Christian was appointed as Deputy Chief Health Officer (COVID-19) in 2022 and Deputy Chief Health Officer Communicable Diseases in December 2023.


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