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Carmen Zhang

Family Medicine Research Centre, University of Sydney, New South Wales.

General practice encounters with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Of the encounters with patients who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, 63% were with patients aged less than 45 years and 37% were aged 45 years or older; the average age was 36...

Infertility Management in Australian general practice

There was one infertility/subfertility problem managed at each of the 652 encounters: 81.6% with female patients and 18.4% with male. Infertility/subfertility was most commonly managed for patients...

Psychological encounters in general practice

From 2003–04 to 2011–12 in the BEACH (Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health) program, information was collected on 879 400 encounters from 8794 GPs. At least one psychological problem was...

Work related encounters in general practice

When compared with the BEACH average, patients seen at work related encounters were more likely to be male (54.8% vs 39.1%) than female (44.3% vs 60.9%). The age distribution of patients at work...


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