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Tim Usherwood

BSc, MD, MBBS, FRACGP, FRCGP, FRCP, FAICD, DMS Professor of General Practice, University of Sydney, NSW

The practice of confidentiality in an Aboriginal medical service What do GPs need to know?

The medical ethic of confidentiality is usually taught from a western ethical perspective based on the Hippocratic oath. This study at an urban Aboriginal medical service aimed to explore how...

Evaluation of a sexually transmissible infections education program: Lessons for general practice learning

The incidence of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in Australia continues to rise.1 Although public sexual health clinics provide un-referred services, most STI diagnosis and management...

General practice registrar education beyond the practice: The public health role of general practitioners

General practice connects medicine to the community more than any other medical specialty. It can provide more intelligence about the health of the population than is available from any other...

Increasing GP supervisor research skills – enhancing clinical practice and teaching

GP supervisors are well placed to contribute to increasing high-quality primary care research for several reasons. Good teachers promote intellectual rigour in their discipline and contribute to...

Up close – reasons why parents attend their general practitioner when their child is sick

An Australian survey of parents of pre-school children reported that they were more likely to consult for fevers if high or persistent.3 A Melbourne study identified the predominant factors...


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