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Mike Starr

MBBS, FRACP, Paediatrician, Infectious Diseases Physician, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Director of Paediatric Education,The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, VIC.

Assessment of the unwell child

Children present to general practitioners with a wide range of problems, but most of the time they are not particularly unwell. Children with a more serious illness often compensate very well...

Croup Assessment and management

Croup is a common childhood disease characterised by sudden onset of a distinctive barking cough that is usually accompanied by stridor, hoarse voice, and respiratory distress resulting from...

Management of severe asthma in children

Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood and the leading cause of childhood morbidity from chronic disease. When uncontrolled, asthma can place significant limits on daily life...

Managing childhood migraine

Headache is a common presenting problem in the primary care setting and this is especially true for the paediatric population. There are variations in incidence but studies have shown a prevalence...

Meningococcal sepsis

Meningococcal disease remains a significant illness with an overall mortality of around 8%. The majority of deaths occur in the first 24 hours, before the commencement of specialist care...

Minor head injuries in children An approach to management

Traumatic head injury is a common occurrence in the paediatric population, with the majority of patients sustaining only mild head injury.

Are we there yet? Travel vaccinations for Australian children

Routine vaccinationA travel consultation is an ideal opportunity to ensure that travellers are up to date with the routine immunisation schedule. It is not our intention in this short article to...


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