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Louise Stone

Email: louise.stone@gpet.com.au
MBBS, BA, MPH, DipRACOG, FRACGP, FACRRM, PhD candidate, Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney; and Senior Medical Advisor, GPET, NSW

A is for aphorism ‘Wherever the art of medicine is loved there is also a love of humanity’

Years after the experience, this senior doctor remembered with fondness and laughter a clinical teacher from her junior years. She described someone who seemed to exemplify the Hippocratic aphorism...

Blame, shame and hopelessness: medically unexplained symptoms and the ‘heartsink’ experience

‘Heartsink’ patients offer a moral dilemma. We recognise their suffering, but at the same time struggle with the feelings they engender in us. These patients can trigger aversion, fear and even...

Explaining the unexplainable Crafting explanatory frameworks for medically unexplained symptoms

Patients with multiple medically unexplained symptoms are common in general practice. Comorbid depression, anxiety, substance abuse and significant psychosocial stressors are common. It can be...

Managing medically unexplained illness in general practice

Patients with medically unexplained symptoms commonly present to general practice,1,2 and their symptoms can be severe and disabling.3,4 The challenge for the general practitioner (GP) involves...

On botany and gardening Diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation

As a medical student, I remember feeling that once the diagnosis was made, uncertainty was over and our task then involved following the evidence based guideline to achieve a satisfactory clinical...

Reframing chaos A qualitative study of GPs managing patients with medically unexplained symptoms

There are a number of sociological frameworks, models and theories around the lived experience and care trajectory of chronic illness.6–11 Most identify an important moment when the diagnosis is...


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