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Elizabeth Patterson

PhD, is Chair and Head of Nursing, Department of Nursing, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria

A nurse-led model of chronic disease management in general practice: Patients’ perspectives

It is estimated that chronic diseases are responsible for 68% of all deaths globally.1 This trend is also evident in Australia, where cardiovascular disease is the single largest cause of mortality...

Enabling research in general practice Increasing functionality of electronic medical records

With an estimated 80% of Australians visiting a general practitioner at least once a year, the data generated by GPs is a rich source of the overall health profile of patients. However, this...

Uptake of Medicare chronic disease management incentives A study into service providers’ perspectives

In 2002, it was found that GPs were discouraged from using the CDM items because of time constraints and difficulty in staying abreast with changing eligibility criteria,8 a finding supported in a...

Potential roles for practice nurses in preventive care for young people A qualitative study

Adolescents report that they welcome the opportunity to discuss health issues such as contraception, substance use and sexually transmitted infections with healthcare providers and trust their...


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