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Sylvia Metcalfe

PhD, Group Leader, Professor in Medical Genetics, Genetics Education and Health Research, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; Paediatrics, University of Melbourne, Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, VIC

There’s cancer in the family

Patients will sometimes raise the issue of cancer ‘running in their family’ or it may be identified by the general practitioner when enquiring about a patient’s family history.

Genetics in general practice

As with so many complex clinical presentations in primary care, there is always tension between those that the GP can manage and those needing specialist management. Over time, clinical practice...

Klinefelter syndrome A general practice perspective

KS was first described in 1942 and defined by a clinical phenotype comprising tall stature with a feminine body type, gynaecomastia, small testes and infertility.6 More recent studies have...


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