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Sarah Mansfield

MBBS (Hons), BMedSc, MSc, DCH, is a Publications Fellow at Australian Family Physician and a general practice registrar at Point Lonsdale, VIC.

Editorial: Adolescents with chronic disease

They were the age staring down the barrel not of Is anything true but of Am I true, and What am I, of What is this thing, and it made them strange.1The theme for this issue is chronic illness in...

Editorial: What is ‘normal’ in general practice?

One of the challenges I experience in general practice is differentiating ‘normal’ from pathological. General practitioners are expected to avert missing potentially harmful conditions, while...

Editorial: Patients and technology: improving access to healthcare

Satisfying each dimension presents an enormous challenge for any health system. We know that even in Australia, which by global standards has excellent overall population health outcomes, many...


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