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Ian McRae

BSc(Hons), BA, MSc, PhD, is Senior Research Fellow, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Australian National University, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Can we measure integration of healthcare from administrative and clinical records?

National chronic disease strategy.1 Considerable efforts are also being made to measure components of care integration.2,3 However, there are many variations in the definition of integration;4 the...

Doctors on the move: National estimates of geographical mobility among general practitioners in Australia

General practitioner (GP) recruitment, migration and retention in rural and remote areas are issues of significant national importance in Australia1,2 and the US,3 given the well-documented...

Patient initiated aggression Prevalence and impact for general practice staff

Patient initiated aggression toward general practice staff can cause distress among staff, however, it is unknown how frequently practice staff experience patient aggression in the workplace. The...


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