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Colin P Mendelsohn

Email: mendel@bigpond.net.au
MBBS (Hons), Tobacco Treatment Specialist, The Sydney Clinic Consulting Rooms, Bronte, New South Wales

Tobacco smoking: options for helping smokers to quit

Most smokers would like to quit and approximately 40% have made at least one attempt to do so in the past year.7 The good news is that smoking cessation has substantial and rapid health benefits.4...

Optimising nicotine replacement therapy in clinical practice

Nicotine replacement therapy has an established safety and efficacy record in over 150 clinical trials and increases quit rates by about 60% compared to placebo.1 Ongoing research continues to find...

Smoking and depression A review

However, in this population the focus of health professionals tends to be on depression and smoking behaviour is frequently neglected.3 It is often falsely assumed that people with depression are...

Smoking cessation in people with alcohol and other drug problems

People who are dependent on alcohol and other drugs have very high smoking rates and are far more likely to die from a smoking-related illness than from their primary drug problem.1,2 Smoking...

Management of smoking in pregnant women

Pregnancy is a window of opportunity for health professionals to help smokers quit.4 Women are motivated to protect their baby’s health, and quitting smoking during pregnancy reduces the risk of...

Women who smoke A review of the evidence

Women who smoke are at significantly greater risk of developing a smoking related disease than men. They are also at risk of pregnancy related complications due to smoking and have more difficulty...


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