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Angela Miguel-Morrondo

MD, is a vascular surgeon, Department of Surgery, Ramon y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Multiple penile lesions A case study

Case studyA man, 34 years of age, presented with a 4 day history of painless ulcerative lesions on his penis. He was human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) negative and had previously been well. He had...

Pretibial erythematous plaque in a young male

Figure 1. Erythematous plaque with cribriform erosions on its surfaceFigure 2. Poor response to topical antifungal treatmentFigure 3. The lesion appears necrotic 3 days postbiopsyQuestion 1What is...

Resistant itchy lesions in a young man

Figure 1. Scattered excoriated papules over the trunk and axillary foldsFigure 2. Scabby plaques in the interdigital web spaces of the handsFigure 3. Erythematous nodules and scratching lesions...

Skin rash associated with limb weakness

Case studyA man, 77 years of age, presented with haematemesis, abdominal pain and increasing limb weakness. He also had a skin rash on his chest and face. On further questioning, he revealed that...


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