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Caroline Laurence

Email: caroline.laurence@adelaide.edu.au
BA(Hons), MHSM, PhD, is Research and Development Manager, Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program, North Adelaide and Senior Research Fellow, Discipline of General Practice, University of Adelaide, South Australia.

Assessing pathology training needs Results from a survey of general practice registrars

Overtesting or overutilisation is related to training and levels of experience. Research suggests that training at the undergraduate and postgraduate level promotes effective and appropriate use of...

Patients’ knowledge of their chronic disease The influence of socio-demographic characteristics

Health literacy impacts on the effectiveness of chronic disease management,6,7 of which patient self management is a central pillar.8 Poor health literacy is associated with socio-demographic...

Female international students and sexual health A qualitative study into knowledge, beliefs and attitudes

International students make up an increasing proportion of university students in Australia. Research suggests that they have poor sexual health knowledge compared with local students.

Fostering registrar research A model to overcome barriers

Research and critical thinking are essential skills for general practitioners. However, evidence indicates that GPs tend to lack confidence in their research ability. Regional training providers...

Trainees in the practice Practical issues

Involvement in teaching provides a number of benefits to a practice. For supervisors these include enjoyment, adding variety to their practice, helping them learn, and exposing students to the...


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