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Mark F Harris

Email: m.f.harris@unsw.edu.au
MBBS, FRACGP, MD, Professor and Director, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales and the Centre for Research Excellence in Obesity Management and Prevention in Primary Health Care, Sydney, New South Wales

The 45 year old health check Feasibility and impact on practices and patient behaviour

The 45 year old health check (MBS item 717) for patients aged 45–49 years was introduced in 2006. This study evaluated its impact on preventive care and patient reported risk factors.

Developing the guidelines for preventive care Two decades of experience

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice (the ‘red book’) are now more than 20 years old. Therefore it is an important...

Lifestyle risk factors in general practice Routine assessment and management

Evidence based guidelines recommend that adults be assessed for modifiable lifestyle risk factors: smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity (SNAP) regularly. This article discusses the...

Medical assistants A primary care workforce solution?

A new medical assistant training program has been developed as an innovative solution to the workforce pressures facing general practice in Australia.

Quality of care measures in multimorbidity

Given these challenges it is important to evaluate the quality of care in multimorbidity. However, while many measures assessing quality of care in primary care have been validated for evaluating...

Multimorbidity Negotiating priorities and making progress

Multimorbidity may present as a collection of long-term conditions that share common risk factors (eg. chronic obstuctive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease as a result of smoking) or...

Optimising the use of observational electronic health record data: Current issues, evolving opportunities, strategies and scope for collaboration

General practice is the cornerstone of primary care in Australia. The computerisation of general practice has placed general practitioners (GPs) at the forefront of moves to use the pooled data...

Patients with colorectal cancer A qualitative study of referral pathways and continuing care

The steps in the care pathway following screening include diagnostic investigation, assessment and staging, surgery, and for some, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and an extended period of...

Preventing vascular disease Effective strategies for implementing guidelines in general practice

Prevention of vascular disease is an important and challenging role for general practice. Various professional bodies in Australia have published best practice guidelines that address the major...

Prevention of diabetes and heart disease Patient perceptions on risk, risk assessment and the role of their GP in preventive care

The low uptake may be attributed to the newness of the development and introduction of these risk assessment tools; broader general practitioner factors such as GP characteristics, attitudes and...

The metabolic syndrome

What is the MetSy and why is it important?The MetSy is a cluster of risk factors comprising:excess abdominal weightlipid abnormalitieshypertensionelevated glucose levels.It is not only an...


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