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Oliver Frank

Email: oliver.frank@adelaide.edu.au
MBBS, PhD, FRACGP, FACHI, General practitioner, Oakden Medical Centre, Hillcrest, SA, and University Senior Research Fellow, Discipline of General Practice, School of Population Health, The University of Adelaide, SA

Older people with mild cognitive impairment Their views about assessing driving safety

Progression of cognitive impairment to dementia in some older people will make it necessary for them to eventually stop driving, which often leads to increased isolation and adverse social and...

Osteoporosis Pharmacological prevention and management in older people

The lifetime risk of osteoporotic fracture in people aged over 60 years is approximately 56% for women and 29% for men.3 Following a low trauma fracture the risk of subsequent fractures is...

Development of pre-consultation prevention summary and reminder sheets for patients: preliminary study of acceptability and sustainability

Current interventions to increase performance of preventive services fail to combine the necessary elements of educating patients about health risks and how to maintain health; these elements...

Prescribing for older people with chronic renal impairment

It is important to have an estimate of a patient’s renal function before prescribing medicines that are renally excreted or that impair renal function or cause nephrotoxicity, such as non-steroidal...


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