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Elizabeth M Deveny

PhD, MEd, BT&D, is a researcher, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne, Victoria

General practitioners’ knowledge and management of dry mouth – A qualitative study

The term ‘dry mouth’ encompasses two conditions – the subjective feeling of oral dryness (xerostomia) and salivary gland hypofunction (objective decrease in salivary quantity and/or quality). These...

Managing same day appointments A qualitative study in Australian general practice

Managing same day appointments in Australian general practice clinics is important, as demand for GP appointments is high and supply is limited.3 One of the aims of The Australian Primary Care...

‘Your lack of organisation doesn’t constitute our emergency’ – repeat prescription management in general practice

Pharmacists in Australia can dispense some prescription medication (statins and oral contraceptives only) without a valid prescription and without consultation with a patient’s GP (‘continued...


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