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Jan Coles

Email: jan.coles@monash.edu
MBBS, PhD, MMed(WomenHlth), DCH, GCHPE, is Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria.

General practice service use and satisfaction among female survivors of childhood sexual abuse

The use of general practice services by CSA survivors is of interest because of the potentially long-term adverse effects of CSA on physical and mental health. As with intimate partner violence...

Medical journal covers An analysis of gendered images and how these might influence best practice

Images convey a concept or message to their audience. In medical communications, social expectations and stereotypes can be transferred through language, images and practices just as they can in...

Sexual trauma in women The importance of identifying a history of sexual violence

Sexual violence (SV) includes all forms of sexual assault, rape, attempted rape, contact and noncontact sexual violence and childhood sexual assault. It refers to unwanted and nonconsenting sexual...

Women survivors of child abuse Don’t ask, don’t tell

The healthcare costs associated with CA victims in Australia were estimated to be between $91 and $1399.7 million and documented to be the highest for those aged 25–64 years.11 Low rates and often...


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