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Georga Cooke

Email: georga.cooke@gmail.com
BSc, MBBS(Hons), FRACGP, is Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland

A is for aphorism ‘Nothing is sometimes a good remedy’

To investigate if Hippocrates was onto something, we each undertook a ‘straw poll’ in our respective university departments. While straw polls are not a commonly published methodology, our personal...

A is for aphorism ‘Give me a child until they are seven and I will show you the man’

For this aphorism to be true, early behavioural problems must be linked to enduring and stable patterns of maladaptation. Children with externalising behaviours both at school and at home are at...

A is for aphorism Is it true that ‘a careful history will lead to the diagnosis 80% of the time’?

Several prominent doctors have published collections of their aphorisms. The collection of Hippocrates and Sir William Osler are two famous examples. More recent examples include collections by...

A is for aphorism Do smart mothers make better diagnoses than poor doctors?

As Dr August Bier (1861–1949) put it, ‘a smart mother often makes a better diagnosis than a poor doctor’. (Bier is known for developing the ‘Bier’s block’ for regional anaesthesia). So what...

A is for aphorism If many treatments are used for a disease, all are insufficient

We decided to test this aphorism by establishing a set of conditions for which there are treatments classified by evidence of effectiveness. Clinical Evidence, from the British Medical Journal’s...

Common general practice presentations and publication frequency

A 2002 United States survey indicated that most doctors (83%) choose topic areas for continuing medical education programs that constitute a significant part of their regular practice.1 While GPs...

Growing and retaining general practice research leaders in Australia: How can we do better?

General practitioners (GPs) provide the vast majority of medical care,1 yet the majority of medical research is based in hospitals. Evidence generated in the hospital setting is often not directly...

Registrar medical educators Experiences in the Australian General Practice Training Program 2005–11

Increasingly, regional training providers (RTPs) employ registrars within their medical education teams, reflecting both registrar interest in teaching and current workforce need. Anecdotally, the...


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