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Deborah Black

BSc, DipEd, MStat, PhD, is Professor and Chair of Health Data Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, New South Wales

Access to treatment for breast cancer-related lymphoedema in Australia

MethodsA web-based survey was sent to the Review and Survey Group of the Breast Cancer Network of Australia, a national consumer group (n = 760), in May 2010. The questionnaire was informed and...

Heatwaves and the elderly

Heatwaves are increasing in frequency, intensity and duration, and are associated with an increase in mortality and morbidity, particularly in the very young and the very old. Concurrently, the...

Using meditation for less stress and better wellbeing A seminar for GPs

General practitioner stress is a recognised problem for which meditation is a potential intervention. The aim of this project was to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of...


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