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Penelope Abbott

Email: p.abbott@uws.edu.au
MBBS, MPH, FRACGP is Senior Lecturer, Department of General Practice, School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney, NSW

What do GPs need to work more effectively with Aboriginal patients? Views of Aboriginal cultural mentors and health workers

Cultural competence can increase over time as respectful attitudes are combined with interest and increasing knowledge of the patient’s cultural context. Cultural competence cannot be reduced to a...

Can research that is not intended or unlikely to be published be considered ethical?

The National statement on ethical conduct in human research1 (National Statement) describes research as investigations undertaken to gain knowledge and understanding, or to train researchers. Human...

‘It’s got to be another approach’: an Aboriginal Health Worker perspective on cardiovascular risk screening and education

In Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) fulfil a variety of roles, depending on personal interests and the needs of the community. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding of the...

Ethical considerations in recruiting primary care patients to research studies

CaseYou have been approached by university researchers seeking your help to recruit patients to a research study. The study would involve your elderly, frail patients answering a survey about their...

Evaluation of a sexually transmissible infections education program: Lessons for general practice learning

The incidence of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in Australia continues to rise.1 Although public sexual health clinics provide un-referred services, most STI diagnosis and management...

Increasing GP supervisor research skills – enhancing clinical practice and teaching

GP supervisors are well placed to contribute to increasing high-quality primary care research for several reasons. Good teachers promote intellectual rigour in their discipline and contribute to...

‘If they’re your doctor, they should care about you’: Women on release from prison and general practitioners

General practice is an important healthcare access point for people who are released from prison. In a recent Australian study of healthcare use by people leaving prison, 46.5% saw a general...

Practice nurses and sexual health care Enhancing team care within general practice

General practice is well placed to access at-risk patients11 and acceptability to patients of general practice-based sexual health care is high.12,13 Public sexual health clinics are valuable, but...


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