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Lisa H Amir

Email: l.amir@latrobe.edu.au
MBBS, MMed, PhD, IBCLC, FABM, FILCA, Principal Research Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC.

Breastfeeding Evidence based guidelines for the use of medicines

General practitioners may consider prescribing medicines for breastfeeding women during the postpartum period. Most medicines can be used safely during breastfeeding at the recommended dose...

Nipple pain associated with breastfeeding: incorporating current neurophysiology into clinical reasoning

New mothers frequently experience breastfeeding problems and many seek support.1,2 In the first year, mothers and infants make an average of 36 visits to healthcare providers, eight of those to...

Overcoming challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers

The postpartum period is a time when new mothers and their infants attend general practices frequently.1 Breastfeeding rates are high in the early weeks,2 yet many women seek help while they are...


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