Skin cancer

July 2012

AFP Cover 2012 July

Skin cancer

July 2012 Vol 41 (7) 449-544

This month's articles include melanoma management, skin checks, nonmelanoma treatment, dermatoscopy in routine practice, tuberculosis testing, chlamydia trachomatis and bilateral blurry vision.


Management of nonmelanoma skin cancers

Janice Charles, Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt

Skin checks

Rodney Sinclair


A management guide for GPs

John F Thompson, Richard A Scolyer, Richard F Kefford

Nonmelanoma skin cancers

Treatment options

Philip Clarke

Dermatoscopy in routine practice

'Chaos and Clues'

Cliff Rosendahl, Alan Cameron, Ian McColl, David Wilkinson

Up front


Patient, doctor or consultation?

Rachel Lee

Letters to the editor


Tuberculosis testing

Chris Coulter


An evidence based herbal medicine for inflammation and arthritis

Marc Cohen

Bilateral blurry vision

A case study

Neil Sharma, Ju-Lee Ooi, Tze Ling Loh, Shanel Sharma

Facial rash

A case study

Kam Cheong Wong

Psychological triage in general practice

Mark L Stroud


GPs’ communication skills

A study into women’s comfort to disclose intimate partner violence

Eleanor Tan, Lorna O’Doherty, Kelsey Hegarty

Genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection

A study of general practice management in northern Queensland

Clare Heal, Tracy Cheffins, Sarah Larkins, Monika Buhrer-Skinner, Margaret Spillman

The Closing the Gap Initiative

Successes and ongoing challenges for divisions of general practice

Olga Anikeeva, Rachel Katterl, Petra Bywood

The paediatric clinical experiences of general practice registrars

Gary L Freed, Neil A Spike, Parker J Magin, Simon Morgan, Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Brooks


A is for aphorism

Is it true that ‘a careful history will lead to the diagnosis 80% of the time’?

Georga Cooke

Prisoner and ex-prisoner health

Improving access to primary care

Stuart A Kinner, Luke Streitberg, Tony Butler, Michael Levy

Sexual trauma in women

The importance of identifying a history of sexual violence

S Caroline Taylor, Judith Pugh, Raie Goodwach, Jan Coles


Gatekeeper, shopkeeper, scientist, coach?

Kees Nydam

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Clinical challenge

Sarah Metcalfe


AFP Podcasts

Interviews July 2012

Dermatoscopy in routine practice – ‘Chaos and Clues’

Dr Cliff Rosendahl discusses the importance of dermatoscopy and outlines an approach that GPs can use to enhance their practice centred on the concepts of 'Chaos and Clues'

Duration: 16 minutes 51 seconds
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Nonmelanoma skin cancers – treatment options

Dr Philip Clarke discusses the treatment options for nonmelanoma skin cancers.

Duration: 15 minutes 34 seconds
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Melanoma – a management guide for GPs

Prof John Thompson discusses melanoma management.

Duration: 18 minutes 18 seconds
File size: 4MB

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Skin checks

Professor Rod Sinclair discusses 'skin checks' what are the recommendations? How might you do it? How can you classify what you find? and much more

Duration: 24 minutes 30 seconds
File size: 6MB

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