Australian Family Physician
Australian Family Physician


Volume 40, Issue 7, July 2011

Nondiabetic retinal pathology Prevalence in diabetic retinopathy screening

Nathan Nielsen Peter Cranstoun Geoffrey Spurling Claire Jackson
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To determine the prevalence of photographic signs of nondiabetic retinal pathology in Australian general practice patients with diabetes.
Signs of nondiabetic retinal pathology were detected in 31% of subjects with adequate photographs. Features suspicious of glaucoma were detected in 7.7% of subjects. Other abnormalities detected included signs of age related macular degeneration (1.9%), epiretinal membranes (2.4%), vascular pathology (9.6%), chorioretinal lesions (2.9%), and congenital disc anomalies (2.9%). Indigenous Australian patients were more likely to have signs of retinal pathology and glaucoma.
Signs of nondiabetic retinal pathology were frequently encountered. In high risk groups, general practice based diabetic retinopathy screening may reduce the incidence of preventable visual impairment, beyond the benefits of detection of diabetic retinopathy alone.

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