Gaps in practice

January/February 2011

AFP Cover 2011 January/February

Gaps in practice

January/February 2011 Vol 40 (1) 1-80

The theme for the January/February issue of AFP is gaps in practice. This month's articles include workforce gaps now and in 2020, Indigenous health, getting appointments right, therapeutic inertia in general practice, and safety and quality improvement initiatives.


General practice

Workforce gaps now and in 2020

Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt

Indigenous health

A role for private general practice

R Paul Johanson, Peter Hill


Getting it right

Andrew Knight, Tony Lembke

Why haven’t I changed that?

Therapeutic inertia in general practice

Patrick D Byrnes

Peer review

A safety and quality improvement initiative in a general practice

Angela Rutherford

Up front

Gaps, holes and change

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor



Building an academic workforce with GPs

Russell Pearson, Elizabeth Farmer, Andrew Bonney

Management of severe asthma in children

Adriana Yock Corrales, Manuel Soto-Martinez, Mike Starr

Recalcitrant nongenital warts

Lawrence Leung

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry

Tania Winzenberg, Graeme Jones

Mallet finger

Management and patient compliance

Daniel Anderson


Screening for physical inactivity in general practice

A test of diagnostic accuracy

Tania Winzenberg, Kelly A Shaw


Procedural skills in general practice vocational training

What should be taught?

Stephen Sylvester, Parker J Magin, Kevin Sweeney, Simon Morgan, Kim M Henderson

Teaching procedural skills in general practice

Susan M Wearne

Sickness certification

Sara Bird

Communities of practice

Quality improvement or research in general practice

Moyez Jiwa, Wendy Chan She Ping-Delfos, Jackie Ross, Tim Shaw, Parker J Magin

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Deepa Daniel


AFP Podcasts

Interviews January/February 2011

General practice – workforce gaps now and in 2020

Dr Chris Harrison discusses research that considers gaps in the general practice workforce. It considers the impact of issues like the age and sex of the population and how much time they spend with the GP, changes in the population, where people live and where GPs work to provide some information about what might be the general practice workforce needs in 2020

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Indigenous health – a role for private general practice

Dr Paul Johanson discusses the Majellan Model, which is where a private general practice has worked with the local indigenous community to improve access to general practice. He describes how it was developed and the positives for all participants, as well as some challenges

Duration: 13 minutes 16 seconds
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Why haven’t I changed that? Therapeutic inertia in general practice

Dr Pat Byrnes discusses the concept of therapeutic inertia, the reasons it occurs and provides practical examples of how it can be overcome in clinical general practice

Duration: 15 minutes 45 seconds
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Peer review – a safety and quality improvement initiative in a general practice

Dr Angela Rutherford, a Melbourne GP, discusses a peer review process for the GPs in a practice, including how it works and the benefits they have found

Duration: 20 minutes 36 seconds
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Appointments – getting it right

Dr Andrew Knight talks about appointment systems and how to get them right. He discusses measuring demand, understanding and measuring delay and then ways that practices have made changes to improve their appointment systems

Duration: 22 minutes 2 seconds
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