Australian Family Physician
Australian Family Physician


Volume 39, Issue 12, December 2010

Hepatitis A Prevention in travellers

Cora A Mayer Amy A Neilson
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This article is the final in our travel medicine series for 2010, providing a summary of prevention strategies and vaccinations for infections that may be acquired by travellers. The series aims to provide practical strategies to assist general practitioners in giving travel advice, as a synthesis of multiple information sources which must otherwise be consulted.
Hepatitis A is the second most common vaccine preventable infection in travellers. Highly effective vaccines exist for its prevention for travellers from 12 months of age, including last minute travellers and those in special risk groups.
Information about hepatitis A infection, its epidemiology and existing vaccine options is presented for use in travel related consultations in general practice.
Most travellers at risk of hepatitis A should be vaccinated, as the vaccine is a safe and effective means of prevention. Combination vaccines – hepatitis A/hepatitis B and hepatitis A/typhoid – aim to facilitate the vaccination process for travellers, who are often also at risk of exposure to hepatitis B and typhoid fever.

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