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Vision at risk

October Vol 38 (10) 753-848


Reducing vision loss in chronic eye disease

Graham A Lee, Anthony Fong


Geoffrey Spurling, Claire Jackson, Deborah A Askew

Sudden loss of vision

Lucy Goold, Shane Durkin, John Crompton

Sudden loss of vision

Lucy Goold, Shane Durkin, John Crompton

Up front

Is vision really at risk?

Rachel Lee

Letters to the editor


A painful red eye

Maria Z Li, Neil Sharma, Ju-Lee Ooi

A tile factory worker presenting with breathlessness and dry cough

Rumi R Khajotia, Esha Das Gupta

Coeliac disease

Kim Faulkner-Hogg, Linda Hodge, Anne Swain

Demystifying abdominal ultrasound

Tom Sutherland

Multiple sclerosis presenting with homonymous hemianopia

Andrew W Lee, Celia S Chen, Siew W Law

Optic neuritis

Celia S Chen, Edward R Chu


Improving childhood immunisation coverage rates

Hammad Ali, Jo Wild, Nicholas A Zwar

The practice of confidentiality in an Aboriginal medical service

Jenny James, Sonya Cameron, Tim Usherwood

Feasibility and efficacy of COPD case finding by practice nurses

Oshana Hermiz, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Jeremy Bunker, Sarah M Dennis, Alan J Crockett, Guy Marks, Nicholas A Zwar


Helena Britt, Salma Fahridin, Janice Charles

Integration into the Australian health care system

Pam McGrath, David Henderson, Emma Phillips


Prescription medication borrowing and sharing

Judy Mullan, Janette Ellis


Let’s talk about the alternatives

Lawrence Leung

AFP in practice

AFP in Practice

Carolyn O’Shea

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee


Diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation

Dr Louise Stone discusses diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation including understanding the patient’s unique experience of illness and their psychosocial context.

Assisted reproductive technology

Dr Kate Stern discusses assisted reproductive technology focussing on important points for general practitioners as well as bringing us up to date with recent developments, particularly in the area of fertility preservation.

Management of cardiovascular risk

Professor Jenny Doust guides us through her recent research study comparing management of cardiovascular risk using individual risk factors compared to the absolute cardiovascular risk approach.

Contraceptive management

Dr Katrina Allen shares her experiences with contraceptive management particularly in young women, with a focus on long-acting reversible contraceptive methods and some practical suggestions for managing commonly encountered issues.


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